Morris van de Romerweide


24-07-2001    † 07-07-2014

Morris came also in the house with Resi and John, as a buddy for James. They were searching for a dog to put together with James, a Golden Retriever, capable to be outside and capable of guarding. It was love at first sight between Resi, John and Morris. Morris and James got along fine. After James passing away, Morris was accompanied by Truffel, a blond dog from our T-litter.

When Morris was young, John and Resi did a lot of training with him. They, Resi, John and Morris needed it all. A Hovawart was definitely an other dog than a Golden Retriever.

Of course Morris was getting older and especially last year his body didn't work as well as it used to. At the 7th of July, Resi and John had to decide to have Morris put asleep. Resi and John, thank you very much for everything you did for Morris. We hope you'll have a lot of time to enjoy Truffel.