Ingy van de Romerweide


10-02-2004  †22-07-2012


Ingy was called Indy after she was rehomed with Pieter. They really matched together. After her rehoming Indy has experienced several changes. Pieter was not longer alone, but Mariska was also there and later the children. In the morning when Pieter started working outside she went with him. She played outside all day long. She welcomed all people that came in and she was also very friendly to the children. Pieter and Mariska tried to breed with her but this didn't work out.

At July 22nd she broke a leg under the forklift. She always watched carefully and stept aside. Unfortunatly this time she didn't pay attention. The way to recovery would be long and unsure. An active Indy on three legs was not an option to Pieter and Mariska. So they had to make the sad decision that she had to be put asleep. They always enjoyed Indy. Pieter and Mariska, thank you very much for everything. I'm sure Indy enjoyed you too.