16-08-2004    † 22-06-2017


Destin is our very special girl. She gave us the U-litter, L-litter and the A-litter. She has several grandchildren.  And she has proven to be a great familydog with Corinne and Jan. They came to have a look for a dog, the first dog in the family.  She had to be friendly, easy and good to the children. She had it all. Accidentally she had torn a knee ligamet and needed heavy surgery. Recovery went very slow. But Corinne and Jan decided to take another dog in. Sasha came in, a granddaughter from Destin. This was great, recovery went better and she taught Sasha a lot.

Unfortunately Destin has not eternal life either, but she reached a good age with almost 13 years. Dear Corinne and Jan, thanks for everything you did for Destin. I hope you will enjoy Sasha for a lot more years.