Damirazin Simasuu hovawalla


12-09-1997 †12-05-2010

Damirazin Simasuu, Narttu as we called her, came together with her blond sister from Finland. Narttu lived several years with us. After that she found a loving home with Martin and Anja. After a very negative experience with a hovawart, we wanted to give Anja and Martin the joy of a hovawart. They have got that. They trained a lot with Narttu and her son Wyco van de Romerweide. Once Narttu became Breitensportchampion. Unfortunately she got an accident and after that she lost a bit of her mobility. So she couldn’t do breitensport anymore. She still liked going for long walks and swimming. In may 2010 she didn’t want to go for a walk anymore and she got trouble with breathing. Anja and Martin decided to put her asleep on may 12th. The vet came at their home and I was there too. It is always a hard decision to make, but when you are able to find the right moment, it gives you peace. Martin and Anja I really want to thank you very much for the great home you have given Narttu.