27-03-2011    †  04-01-2019

Raff as Amigo was called, was a real familydog. He was social, although a little distant, friendly, although a good guardian. He was eager to learn and had a great nose. Searching was his hobby. He was a great familydog. When they came over to have a look at the litter, the family didn't know which one to choose. Eventually they choose the puppy the daughter had chosen. It seemed to be a terrific choice for the family.

Unfortunately for a year Raff seemed to have heartproblems. He got medication for it, but his condition went down. At last he could only make small walks as an old man. Nevertheless he stayed happy. From the beginning until the end the family has enjoyed him. Saying goodbye, became therefor even more difficult.

Albert and Stephanie, thanks for everything you did for Raff.