Puppies available from Jitka van de Romerweide x Belek vom Helmefeld

Jitka van de Romerweide x Belek vom Helmefeld, all puppies are black and gold
Born: 20-4-2022

Puppies available Quiztnie van de RomerweideQuiztnie van de Romerweide, dog

Still has just little markings, but the markings are fully indicated. Quiztnie is a solid male. He has prey drive and likes to play with you. Quiztnie is a friendly, open pup. He is more of a loner, so he can keep himself busy. He would love to discover the world with his new boss.






Puppies available Quatinka van de RomerweideQuatinka van de Romerweide, bitch

She is a heavily built lady with markings. She is a very cheeky little lady, who is not easily intimidated. She is people-oriented. Quatinka has a strong will of her own. She is looking for an active owner, who provides her with enough challenges. She has a quite good prey drive.



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