Willow van de Romerweide hovawalla


5-6-2003 †8-6-2011

Willow has found a beautifull place to live with Jan after being with us. Jan did have many hovawarts before. Beside Banjer and a lot of cats, Willow also got a loving home with Jan. After a while of getting used to the new situation, Willow found her place with Jan. Willow always had the possibility to be with Jan. As soon as Jan wanted to go to bed, she was real quick in following him and then she lay down at his feet. Unfortunately Willow got a uterusinfection in June 2011. Surgery seemed the only option, but Willow was already to week. She didn’t come out of surgery. Jan, Banjer and the cats have to go on without Willow. Dear Jan, thank you very much for the beautifull years you gave Willow.