Raya van de Romerweide hovawalla


02-07-2000 †11-12-2009 


Summer 2009, Raya gets an injury. Rest helped her. In october it started again. X-rays didn’t show anything. She did get some medication, but it went worse every day. Raya wasn’t capable of standing up herself and when she was put on her feet, she wasn’t capable of staying on her feet. Raya felt still very young, but her body was giving up. In december Ruud, Jacqueline and their vet didn’t find a solution for Raya. Raya did deserve a dogworthy life, that’s why Ruud and Jacqueline decided to put her asleep at the 11th of december. Ruud and Jacqueline you are right when you say Raya had a fine life, but it was too short. Thanks for everything you have given her.